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Electric cosmetic chair SILLON Lux 273b 3 actuators gray - Kosmetoloģijas krēsls PRESTIGE LUX ELECTRIC 3 MOTOR GRAY








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Produkta apraksts

The Sillon brand was established as a response to the constantly increasing expectations of users. The equipment in their offer, such as functional cosmetic chairs, is distinguished by good quality and, at the same time, affordable price.

Cosmetic chairs from the Lux series perfectly meet the needs arising from the specifics of work in beauty salons. Perfectly planned functionalities make these models ideal for a wide range of treatments performed in professional salons. Their distinctive modern look and elegant details allow them to fit into almost any interior.

Elegance and functionality of essential equipment

The electric cosmetic chair Lux 273B is equipped with 3 actuators controlled by a remote control on the cable. Ease of use and adaptation to individual needs significantly facilitate the performance of a variety of treatments. The characteristic, elegant finish, while maintaining simplicity, makes this chair an attractive element of any specialist salon.

Free adjustment by remote control

Using an intuitive remote control, the chair can be smoothly adjusted in three planes – it has adjustable height and angles of the backrest and footrest. This allows you to freely set the position according to the procedure being performed at the moment, which affects both the comfort of the user and the practitioner.

User-friendly functions

The height of the seat is adjustable from 65 cm to 84 cm, and when fully extended the chair reaches a length of over 2 meters. These dimensions allow the equipment to be easily used by people of different heights and make it adaptable to the needs of both the client and the person performing the procedure. On the right side of the seat a special metal holder for hanging the remote control has been installed, which greatly facilitates its storage and makes it always at hand.

Comfortable seat and armrests

A fairly wide seat will ensure comfort during long treatments. The armrests are movable in the range of 180º, making it easy to get into the chair efficiently and provide comfortable access for the person performing the procedure. If necessary, it is possible to easily and quickly remove them.

Facilities for both face and body treatments

The headrest is extendable, which helps to adjust the equipment to the needs of users of different heights, providing stable support for the head during treatments. A hole in the headrest hidden by a plug and the possibility of freely unfolding the equipment to the position of a couch, which significantly increases its functionality for face and body services. This allows for unproblematic performance of various types of treatments, including cosmetics, physiotherapy or tattooing. The applied solutions significantly improve the comfort of use and work ergonomics.

A classic, valued model of a cosmetic chair

The chair is filled with foam of appropriate hardness and covered with pleasant-to-the-touch imitation leather in shades of grey. Thanks to the use of a material that is easy to keep clean and resistant to selected disinfectants, the equipment is comfortable to use, resistant to moisture and easy to clean. A solid base made of durable material in shades of whiteensures stability during treatments. Decorative wooden elements on the armrests distinguish the chair from other models, being a visually appealing, elegant accent. Properly profiled hems give the chair a stylish look and make the seat ergonomic.

Detailed dimensions are given in the photo.
The set includes: seat with base, wired remote control, power supply.

Type: electric
Number of actuators: 3
Base color: shades of white
Upholstery color: shades of grey
Upholstery material: synthetic leather
Seat filling: foam
Controls: remote control
Power: 150W
Voltage: 220-240V
Warranty: 12 months



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Vienības svars:86.000 kg

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