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Masāžas krēsls Sakura Comfort Plus 806 Brown








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Produkta apraksts

Sakura massage chairs ensure relaxation and high comfort of use. They are also a great way to take care of your health and well-being. A variety of functions and ease of use make the chairs of this brand an excellent choice for both massage parlours and home use. Made with attention to detail, they will become an aesthetic element of any space. 

Comprehensive massage for complete relaxation

The exclusive Sakura Comfort Plus 806 massage chair is a versatile model equipped with a wide range of functions to ensure a comprehensive massage and high-quality user experience. Back massage heads and airbags guarantee deep muscle relaxation and overall restfulness, which leads to improved blood circulation, alleviating muscle fatigue and reducing stress.

Control panel with a vivid HD screen

A clear control panel – which can be either place on the handle mounted on the right armrest or held in hands – makes using the massage chair simple and pleasant. On the easy-to-read screen you can follow the current operation of the device. The specific areas of the body where the massage is currently being performed, its intensity, treatment duration and the selected program are clearly displayed. The panel allows you to freely adjust the chair settings and massage functions, as well as set the duration of the treatment, which can last 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes. You can also easily adjust the strength of the massage heads and airbags in 5 levels.

Practical automatic programs

The chair’s parameters can be adjusted to individual needs (Manual) and has 6 programmed automatic modes with various effects. They have been designed to meet all possible user needs. Individual functions of the chair are used in carefully selected sequences – movements of the massage heads, activity of the airbags, ZERO GRAVITY mode and heating. Depending on the desired effects, simply select the appropriate mode on the control panel:
    • Classics,
    • Recovery,
    • Release,
    • Sleep,
    • Relax,
    • Waist.

Adaptation to individual needs

The body detection system is an innovative solution that provides unrivalled comfort and effectiveness during massage. The intelligent chair recognizes the shape of the body, identifying the shoulder position, height and body type, which allows for a personalized massage. In this way, the force and depth of pressure of the heads are adjusted, thus providing full comfort, allowing for complete relaxation, restoring balance to the body and mind.

Thorough massage of the back and feet

The long massage path with the heads is 95 cm long, covering the thighs, buttocks, hips, spine and neck. The massaging mechanism thoroughly and pleasantly massages the muscles in several ways. Four new-generation silicone massage heads, moving at variable speeds up and down and sideways, provide an effective back massage, imitating the work of human hands. Their movements perform tapping, kneading, pressing and shiatsu massage, thus improving the overall condition of the body and eliminate pain. After each massage session on the chair, there is a noticeable reduction in muscle tension, and the body becomes pleasantly relaxed and energized. The built-in roller foot massager uses acupressure methods, and its operation effectively relaxes muscles, eliminates fatigue and has a positive effect on overall well-being.

Effective compression massage using airbags

An excellent complement to the mechanical massage with the massage heads is a compression massage using 28 airbags placed in different zones of the chair, ensuring lymphatic drainage. The pulsating movement of airbags in the areas of feet, calves, buttocks, arms and shoulders regulates lymph flow, facilitates the detoxification process and improves blood circulation. This lowers blood pressure, the muscles become better oxygenated, and the body gets rid of toxins more easily. Such treatment eliminates tension and provides pleasant relief for the rest of the day. The activity of the airbags can be adjusted on the control panel.

Zero gravity mode

Selecting the ZERO GRAVITY mode puts the chair in a position that has a beneficial effect on the body. The inspiration for this feature comes from the position astronauts are in during a rocket launch, which is designed to minimize gravitational pressure on the body. It involves adjusting the chair in such a way that the body weight is evenly distributed over the entire surface. Such position significantly reduces pressure on the spine, relieves muscle tension and improves blood and lymph circulation. It is considered the best position for massage, as the muscles are truly relaxed in it. 

Additional functionalities to make the treatment more enjoyable

The chair is equipped with a back heating option. This function effectively supports and makes the massage more pleasant, increasing the comfort of user. The model has a mechanical adjustment of the footrest, so every user – regardless of height – will be able to find a comfortable massage position for themselves. 

Possibility to play music during the massage

To make the use of a massage chair even more pleasant and effective, it is worth ensuring the right atmosphere. Relaxing music can help you unwind during a massage session. The ability to connect your phone to the chair via Bluetooth technology allows you to play your favorite soundtrack during the treatment. Calm music during the massage improves your well-being and allows you to cut yourself off from everyday life, which allows for deep relaxation not only of the body, but also of the mind. 

Atmospheric lighting

An interesting features of this model are the illuminated elements on the sides, which add elegance and create a pleasant atmosphere. The light of the appropriate color and intensity adds a modern and elegant look to the product, while creating a perfect, calming atmosphere for relaxation. They are also a decorative element, attracting attention and enriching the decor of the room.

Elegant massage chair for full relaxation

The ergonomically shaped chair provides adequate support for the back, neck and legs. The comfortable inside is covered with pleasant-to-the-touch synthetic leather in shades of brown, and the inside is filled with comfortable, durable foam, ensuring high comfort of use. The use of such materials makes the equipment durable, moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Carefully made hems give it a stylish look, and the solid construction guarantees long-term use. A functional model with an aesthetic finish and classic colors will fit perfectly into any interior. The Sakura Comfort Plus 806 massage chair is a perfect way to relax at any time, especially after an exhausting day or a hard workout.

Detailed dimensions of the chair are given in the photo.
The set includes: chair, footrest, panel with LCD display, instructions.

Color: shades of brown
Upholstery material: synthetic leather
Seat filling: foam
Working time adjustment: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes
Power: 120 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Warranty: 12 months
Package size: 145×82×118 cm



Sejai un ķermenim:Masāžai, Mēbelis kosmet.kabinetam
Vienības svars:115.000 kg

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