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Ultrasonic washer AD-3000 capacity 0,45 L 35W Black - Ultraskaņas vanna AD-3000 300ml, 35W Black








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Produkta apraksts

For many years, the ACTIVESHOP brand has been offering a wide range of products that are suitable for professional use in many industries. In the available assortment you can find items from various categories, from small essential accessories to specialized equipment.

Thorough cleaning of delicate items

The AD-3000 ultrasonic cleaner effectively removes various types of contamination, without damaging the surface of the objects subjected to the process. The practical device is perfect for many professional surgeries during the initial cleaning of tools and disinfection. It will also come in handy for home use, allowing for thorough removal of impurities from small everyday items, such as jewellery, watches or glasses.

Functionalities to improve disinfection

The device is widely used not only in cosmetology or medicine. It facilitates the disinfection of various types of cosmetic accessories, including nail cutters or microdermabrasion heads, as well as dental, hairdressing and cosmetic tools. When the washer is turned on, an LED ring lights up around the power button. To increase the effectiveness of cleaning, you can use liquids intended for disinfection, taking care of the concentration according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Elegant design of a practical device

The small dimensions make this ultrasonic cleaner very easy to transport, and additionally it does not take up too much space in the salon. The aesthetically pleasing, decorated housing is made of plastic in shades of black, and the transparent lid allows you to observe the process on an ongoing basis and does not make it difficult to turn on the device, even though the button is hidden under it. The inside of the container is marked with a maximum liquid fill mark (up to 300 ml). The stability of the device is ensured by non-slip feet.

Remember that the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning is affected by:
• process time,
• shape of the elements to be washed,
• applied chemical preparations,
• ultrasound power and frequency,
• temperature.

Please read the manual carefully before use.
Included: cleaner, lid, power cable, plastic basket, manual.

Dimensions of the washer: 20x12x10 cm
Basket dimensions: 14x6x4 cm

Housing color: shades of black
Tank material: SUS304 stainless steel
Liquid filling max.: 300 ml
Process time: 3 minutes
Vibration frequency: 42 000 Hz
Power: 35 W
Voltage: 220-240 V



Matiem:Frizieru mēbeles
Sejai un ķermenim:Mēbelis kosmet.kabinetam
Manikīram un pedikīram:Mēbelis nagu studijai
Vienības svars:3.000 kg

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